Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mass For Vatican Employees and Pope Francis' First Words Upon Election

27 March 2013

This morning, at 7:30, Cardinal Angelo Comastri celebrated Mass for the Vatican employees in St. Peter's Basilica. After Mass, Pope Francis greeted those present, starting off with the old story that when asked how many people worked in the Vatican, Pope John XXIII replied "Half". Pope Francis said he was sure those present were "the working half." Pope Francis thanked the Vatican staff for their work, and thanked those who could not be at the Mass because they had work to perform. "I want to thank you for [your work] and ask you to pray for me: I need it because I am a sinner, just like everyone else," said the Holy Father. "And I want to be faithful to the Lord. Pray for me. I wish you a Happy Easter. May the Lord bless you and may Mary keep you, as a good mother. Much thanks." 


“I am a great sinner. Trusting in the mercy and patience of God, in suffering, I accept.” Monsignor Dario Edoardo Viganò, director of the Vatican Television Center (CTV), revealed those words as the first uttered by Pope Francis when accepting his election as the Supreme Roman Pontiff.

Prior to the interview, Cardinal Comastri asked Pope Francis’ permission to reveal the newly elected Pontiff’s first words when asked if he accepted his election.

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