Friday, March 29, 2013

After Washing the Feet: Straight Into the Eyes With Love

From a cooperator of Opus Dei in Rome:

Forgot to mention that after the Washing of the Feet, the Pope drove off in a car with his window half down so that he could see the people and wave to them.  He had a rapturous send-off!  Both sides of the narrow street were filled with people.

BBC newscaster said this was a Pope for the first in more ways than one ... the latest "first" being, washing the feet of young people in a remand centre, and of women too.

BBC TV can't seem to get enough of our new Pope.  The scene of him washing the feet of young offenders at a remand centre in rome, is shown during the news broadcast, which is every hour.

A lady court judge attending, said that after washing the feet of each young person (there were women's feet washed too), Pope Francis looked straight into the eyes of the person.  The lady judge said it was a look filled with love, that it brought her to tears.

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