Monday, August 27, 2012

Autonomy and Responsibility of the Laity In the Year of Faith

International Catholic Action Forum is sponsoring an event under the rubric:  “eccesial and social co-responsibility”.

CASTEL GANDOLFO, Italy, AUG. 24, 2012: Benedict XVI remarked to the gathering: “It is  [a] highly significant and timely subject for the laity on the eve of the approaching Year of Faith and Ordinary Assembly of the Synod of Bishops on the New Evangelization.

“Co-responsibility requires a change in mentality, particularly with regard to the role of the laity in the Church, who should be considered not as “collaborators” with the clergy, but as persons truly “co-responsible” for the being and activity of the Church. It is important, therefore, that a mature and committed laity be united, who are able to make their own specific contribution to the Church’s mission, in accordance with the ministries and tasks each one has in the life of the Church, and always in cordial communion with the bishops.”

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