Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Without These Fasts, All Others Will Not Be Accepted By the Lord

Let the eye fast from beholding objects, which are only calculated to excite curiosity and vanity; that being now humbled, it may be restrained to repentance, which before wandered in guilt. 

Let the ear fast from listening to idle stories and words that have no reference to salvation. 

Let the tongue fast from detraction and murmuring, from unprofitable and sacrilegious discourse; sometimes also, out of respect to holy silence, from speaking what appears necessary and profitable. 

Let the hand also fast from useless works, and from every action that is not commanded. 

But above all, let the soul fast from sin and the doing of its own will. 

Without these fasts, all others will not be accepted by the Lord.

- - St. Bernard of Clairvaus, Serm. 2 de Jejun. Quad

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