Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Not Otiose to Repeat the Obvious

The powers driving the media continue to do the Church a great service. They are demanding that we be saints with an integral purity, and with a sincerity engendering authenticity that comes only with the humility of humiliation.

However, it is never a waste of time and effort to point out what is staring us in the face.

Today’s NYT Tuesday April 27, 2010 A 4 and A 10 does a fine grained historical analysis of the homosexuality (not pedophilia) of Cardinal Hans Hermann Groer of Vienna [“Some of his young victims, whose estimated number ranges from half a dozen to 30, later recounted how he would ask them to come to his room for confession…”]. There are no details spared in a story filling 5 almost full page columns from two pages of the newspaper. The content is horror and shock combined with outrage at any discretionary shadowing of facts by negligent Church authorities. There was some ameliorating Benedict XVI when the Times quoted the present Cardinal of Vienna and past student of Ratzinger Cardinal Schönborn: “It became clear very quickly that the current that prevailed in Rome was not the one demanding clarity here. Cardinal Ratzinger told me that the other side, the diplomatic side [represented by Cardinal Sodano and Archbishop Dziwisz], had prevailed. Cardinal Schönborn said he could not explain why Cardinal Ratzinger had so much influence with the pope on other matters, but lacked the clout to have Cardinal Groer investigated for abuse. ‘I am not responsible to explain everything,’ he said. ‘I just know that that is how it was.’” The article explained that - according to Schoenborn - "Cardinal Ratzinger told him behind closed doors that he wanted to set up a fact-finding commission to establish clarity. 'That for me is one of the best indications that I know from personal experience that today's pope had a very decisive, clear way of handling abuse cases.'"

At the same time, the powers driving the media have a homosexual/ gay culture as their agenda. The equality of the sexes, sequential partners, separation of “non-meaningful” sexual relationships, condom-use, etc. is de rigueur as the default philosophy undergirding the entire semantic output of the media be it word or image. And it is this they are attacking in the Catholic Church. This oxymoronic state is staring us in the face on every page and every viewing. The danger consists in the state of numbness that enters because of the consistency of the barrage. After a while, you don’t notice the noise of the persistent water fall. They win because of your loss of reason. Observe the contradiction!

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