Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Goal of the Media Attack on the Pope: Threaten a Christian Awakening in Europe, and Therefore, the World

Wall Street Journal, Tuesday, April 20, 2010 [A 18]:

Berlin – “The sexual-abuse scandal roiling the Roman Catholic Church is threatening one of the pope’s core missions, a Christian reawakening in Europe.

“Pope Benedict XVI has made reversing the decline of Catholic influence in Europe a central goal of his papacy. But as clerical abuse scandals spread across the Continent, they threaten to hasten a growing movement away from the Catholic Church in an increasingly secular Europe.”

Is this not what the media blitz is all about? Therefore, we have an urgent responsibility to speak truth to power, and where we can use power to speak truth, we must. At the same time, the pope will hide nothing in that he puts his trust in the risen and superior power of Christ. That space that is evacuated by the kenosis of self-lowering will be filled by the Spirit. But we must speak as St. Paul did, and make others speak.

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