Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Global Order: Not Without the Church as "Immaculata"

The new global order cannot be built on an ideology such as Communism or Capitalism. It must be built on the truth of the human person which Vatican II formulated as “finding self by the sincere gift of self” (Gaudium et Spes #24).

But the engendering of the human person whose prototype is Jesus Christ must be done by the Church who is a person and “incubator” of that Prototype of the human person. As long as the Church is impure, Christ cannot be engendered.

Since the Church is a person – the Virgin – she must go through the purification of being immaculate as our Lady. As our Lady was conceived immaculately without original sin that is a turning into self and self-reliance and sufficiency, so also the Church. She must be open to being accused of fraud and lowering self in penance.

Remember: “…(T)he Church is not an apparatus, nor a social institution, nor one social institution among many others. It is a person. It is a woman. It is a Mother. It is alive. A Marian understanding of the Church is totally opposed to the concept of the Church as a bureaucracy or a simple organization. We cannot make the Church, we must be the Church. We are the Church, the Church is in us only to the extent that our faith more than action forges our being. Only by being Marian, can we become the Church. At its very beginning the Church was not made, but given birth. She existed in the soul of Mary from the moment she uttered her fiat. This is the most profound will of the Council: the Church should be awakened in our souls. Mary shows us the way” (J. Ratzinger, "The Ecclesiology of Vatican II," Conclusion).

As Benedict has suggested: the Church has been like David being dressed in the armor of Saul to fight Goliath. Once dressed thus, he was unable to walk. He had to dispossess himself of all the encumbrance of structural armor, take loin-cloth and sling shot which are the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation acted out within the Sacrifice of the Mass, and fight. This is all the Church needs.

Since the Church is the person of our Lady, the Church must go through her process of purification that will render her “Immaculate,” and therefore capable of being open and making the gift of self in her “fiat” such that she will be able to engender the Person of Jesus Christ in the world. The “Demonic” is doing the Church and humanity the service of a “work of God” by demanding that the Church be holy and worthy of who she is, and, failing that, be purified and stripped of possessions by law suites.

The Church is being brought down so that she can have and exercise the super-eminent power of the supernatural. As Benedict XVI says, it is a crisis of faith, not governance.

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