Monday, August 25, 2014

No Peace in Gaza As Long There Is No Normal Life Permitted Within It.

The Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem has expressed dismay at the collapse of Gaza peace talks, saying peace is unlikely until there is a new culture and mentality that allows the people of Gaza to live a normal life.

“What is a cease-fire if the conditions that lead to violence remain the same? Conditions that create desperate people, frustrated, extremist and angry," the Patriarch said.  “We must do much more to create a normal life: we need a (new) culture, a new mentality and an international force that can take the place of Israel (to keep the peace) in order to break this wall around the city.”

“If there were a normal life (in Gaza), if there were streets leading outside, if there were an airport for travel, if there were a port, if the roads were open (into and out of) Israel, Egypt, and Jordan…and people could do business, live, sell, travel, study, go to hospital and to university, we would not have frustrated and desperate extremists.”

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