Monday, August 05, 2013

Note to John Allen, Jr. on the Revolution of Pope Francis

Dear John (Allen, Jr),
 If you take it from the top, and by "top" I mean a "non-self-referential" Church/faithful/person, going out to the peripheries of all misery (rich and poor), Francis is living out the universal call to holiness of Vatican II's "Lumen Gentium" made into a new metaphysic of being-as-relation and rendered as Christian anthropology in Gaudium et Spes #24 where "man, the only earthly being God has willed for itself [and therefore theonomously autonomous: free], finds himself by the sincere gift of himself."  He has a divine mandate to make all of this stick by actually doing it and hopefully "making a mess" of the man-made structures and laws that we have erected in the last 2,000 years. In a word, Jesus Christ has returned to Seville and is at work - performing miracles as He has never ceased doing - scandalizing the Grand Inquisitors.
   He is in perfect continuity with the turn of Vatican II from the epistemological "object: to the the epistemological "subject" (as explained by Wojtyla in ""Sources of Renewal" - Harper and Row {1979] p. 17) and, as in Aparecida (2007), wants to transcend objectified documents to deal with the really real: the "attitudes" as orientations of the believing subjects who are becoming healthy by going out of themselves. 
   Let me say no more. Indeed, the revolution is under way. It has been underway since John XXIII called the Council. But the Council was not a series of ideas but, as just said, of attitudes of real subjects who are, precisely, self-gift/non-self referentiality "for" the "peripheries." 
   I am a priest with Opus Dei. Nice work.

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