Sunday, August 25, 2013

Leon Bloy on the Supernatural Transcendent

Words (below) of Leon Bloy who was the stimulus to the conversion of Jacques and Raissa Maritain to Catholicism – and in my own case, studying Maritain was a decisive factor in my recognition of the vocation to Opus Dei:
“Every man who begets a free act projects his personality into the infinite. If he gives a poor man a penny grudgingly, that penny pierces the poor man’s hand, falls, pierces the earth, bores holes in suns, crosses the firmament and compromises the universe. If he begets an impure act, he perhaps darkens thousands of hearts whom he does not know, who are mysteriously linked to him, and who need this man to be pure as a traveler dying of thirst needs the Gospel’s draught of water. A charitable act, an impulse of real pity sings for him the divine praises, from the time of Adam to the end of the ages; it cures the sick, consoles those in despair, calms storms, ransoms prisoners, converts the infidel and protects mankind.”

This is the pulse that beat/s –within my experience -  in the veins of St. Josemaria Escriva, Blessed John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Pope Francis

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