Thursday, January 17, 2013

Note From Fr. Carlos Viego on Talks by BXVI Coupled with the CCC

Dear Father Bob,

It is all vintage Ratzinger! which I have been using for preaching and teaching (watching most of the Wednesday Audiences live on EWTN (4:45 AM).  It seems that the Holy Father is re-reading the Catechism and giving his fresh interpretation!  Marvelous!

I have condensed the format to make the documents fit on the fewest pages possible.  

This little project I did for the Legion of Mary of the Archdiocese which was asking to study something for the Year of Faith.  The best thing for the year of faith is the Wednesday Audiences! along side the Catechism and the Bible of course.
Rev/ Carlos Viego

* * * * * 

Here are the first texts for the Year of Faith study of the Legion of Mary Newark Comitium.  I think all of the praesidia should make copies for all of the active members of the Legion of Mary to read and study these texts on their own (homework: personal study of the faith for the year of faith) with one person presenting (rotating) each week on each document, a brief (2-3 minutes) synopsis, highlighting the most exciting parts of each text.

I have placed the documents in the logical order of study:
 1. Porta Fidei  11 October 2011
 2. Vigil of the Year of Faith: Historical Context  10 October 2012 (1st Wednesday Audience on Year of Faith [#1])
 3. Golden Jubilee of the Second Vatican Council  11 October 2012
 4. Homily to Open the Synod: New Evangelization Defined I  7 October 2012
 5. Meditation on "Gospel"  9 October 2012
 6. Homily to Close the Synod: New Evangelization Defined II (All Men Have a Right to Know Jesus Christ) 28 October 2012
 7. Christmas Address to the Roman Curia (On Dialogue and Family's Nature)  21 December 2012
 8. Year of Faith: Introduction  17 October 2012 (#2)
 9. What is Faith: Life Changing Gift  24 October 2012 (#3)
10. Faith is Ecclesial  31 October 2012 (#4 yf)
11. Cultivating Noble Desires  7 November 2012 (#5)
12. Ways to Know God: World, Man, Believers  14 November 2012 (#6)
13. Faith and Reason Belong Together  21 November 2012 (#7)
14. How to Talk About God  28 November 2012 (#8)
15. God's Benevolent Purpose (Ephesians 1:3-14)  5 December 2012 (#9)
16. Revelation History  12 December 2012 (#10)
17. Mary's "Dark Night"  19 December 2012 (#11)
18. Midnight Mass Homily: Violence Comes From the Absence of God  24 December 2012
19. Jesus' Origin  2 January 2013 (#12)
20. God's Gift: Himself  9 January 2013 (#13)

Omnes cum Petro ad Jesum per Mariam,
Padre Carlos Miguel Viego

P.S.  I get most of the documents from and, though they are usually delayed a week or two in getting them out in English.  The fastest place to get them seems to be Vatican Radio at the Vatican News Site:  In any case, what I have given you here should keep us busy for at least the next twenty weeks (one document per week).  That means we will be about four months behind the Holy Father, which should be fine because sometimes there are breaks in the catechesis series (e.g. Holy Days, Trips, etc.).

P.S.S.  I'll also print out a hard copy (English, Espanol and Francais) of each of the documents we will need and get it to the Comitium meeting.  Could you tell me how many copies of each language for the Comitium participants?

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