Friday, May 11, 2012

Christopher West Connects Fatima's "Errors of Russia" and a Deeper Meaning of "Class Struggle:" Sexual Difference

"Digging deeper, the precise link, I believe, between John Paul II's Theology of the Body and Fatima lies in Mary's mysterious words about the "errors of Russia" and the promised "triumph" of her Immaculate Heart.  When we hear of the errors of Russia, we rightly think of the spread of communism.  But communism has roots that go deeper than Marxist economic theory about "class struggle."  Marx believed that the fundamental "class struggle" was found in the sexual difference itself, and that that difference needed to be eliminated.

"I would argue that the deepest 'errors of Russia,' then, are found in the attack against sexual identity, marriage, and family life that have swept the globe.  As such, the spread of the Theology of the Body is a sign, I believe, that Mary is preparing us for her triumph."

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