Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Response to David Young's Comment

Dear David,

I think you are quite right in your well-put: "There are no consequences for being Biden." I don't know what those consequences should look like right now. But I feel deeply that there must be a notorious and fearless presentation of the truth, come what may. I say "come what may" because the ethos of relativism and truthlessness with the total absence of absolutes is such that there are consequences very much against the truthful and the outspoken. I do not like the conservatve-liberal dichotomy. The point is not conservatism. It is authenticity and truth. I don't think it should walk with a big stick. We don't achieve anything bullying people into "truthfulness." They have to discover it within an act of freedom.

Why is this? Because the absoluteness of truth is experienced in the self, imaging the only one Who is Good, God. The experience - not intellectual abstraction - of the truth is the experience of the self in imaging God as gift. The emprical experience of the absolute is the self in the free act of self-gift. Without freedom, there is no self-gift, there is no experience of truth.

It is compelling in itself, but it must be presented clearly, with conviction and repeatedly.

On 9/8/08, David Young wrote:
David Young has left a new comment on your post "Response to NYT of 9/8/08":

"I get that Biden (and his political ilk) are wrong and distorting the Faith. However, unless the pastors of the church in the US step up not only to defend the truth of what the Faith teach, but also to take corrective action, there is no incentive for a politician to change (since such a pro-death person seemingly has abandoned consideration of the transcendent consequences and any consideration about one's soul).

"There are no consequences for being Biden. Just as, not to conflate the issues (but why not I'm talking about leadership?), there were no consequences for the sexual activity of priests with minors...until the lawsuits began."

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