Thursday, September 27, 2012

Comment on Bishop Myer's Pastoral on Homosexual "Marriage" as Reported

As true as the remarks of B. Myers ares, the content as reported in the National Catholic Register is still not dead center on the Christian anthropology. Homosexual union cannot be marriage not because it is not capable of procreation, but because it cannot be mutual self-gift. Male and female are constitutively relational, the male as donation of self to other, the female as reception of the male self. The sexuality manifested in the body is constitutive of personality, and the act of becoming one flesh is the enactment of imaging the One God of Three Relationalities (Persons). Openness to procreation is constitutive of this one flesh union. The actual achievement of children is not.
The reasoning of procreative achievement is valid for the state since the ontological existence of the body politic depends on this, but it is not the grounding argument against "gay marriage." 

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