Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Roger Federer Was Great

But not because he won his 7th Wimbledon. He really was great  winnng his 7th Wimbledon. But he was greater because he got into the shoes of Andy Murray who had all England hanging on him to win for them for the first time in 76 years. He got in them, felt them and identified with someone outside of himself. Murray cried for letting the people down and had to speak to the people.
                Federer  said: You’d be happy to just stand there, hold the trophy, take the pictures, sign autographs, no problem. But then you have to talk and speak. That’s the hard part, and I’ve been there. I know who it feels. I’m a believer it’s good to sometimes get it out. And I think he won over a lot of people and hearts from fans because of the emotions he showed in Australia and now again here. Because I think it does as well show we are human.
                “I know we put on the poker face out there when we play, and we try hard and we smash serves and balls and you name it. And then all of a sudden when everything is said and done, it’s different, you know. We do care so deeply about winning and losing. We do care about what the crowd thinks. Of course our heart is broken, and that’s obviously where I feel for Andy in a big way. But he’s still got so many years left and so many opportunities that will come around if he just has a good mental focus now for the following year.”

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