Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fr. Francis Martin as of August 23, 2010: Prayer

Fr. Francis Martin: Speaks the Supernatural Word. Proclaims the Kingdom; Calls to Conversion.

Fr. Francis' condition has not changed much since the last posting. The combination of fatigue, fever, and excess lung fluid remains. His pneumonia is being treated, still, with three antibiotics. But because he is no longer heavily sedated, he was conscious for a while this morning and made eye contact. He tried to speak but could not. He nodded his head a little when asked if he wanted to hear todays' readings from Magnificat and when the rosary was said, his mouth moved occasionally as if he was saying it too. I thanked him (representing everyone whose lives he has impacted) for his love and ministry to the Lord and His people. I told him that so many people are praying for him and asking about him.

I had a medical consultation and learned that the hospital considers this a pivital week. He has been in critical condition and in the ICU for 19 days. I also found out that in my previous consultation (with a different doctor) the focus (of which I was unaware (language/translation?)) was on the more severely damaged heart ventricle, the left, which is pumping at 25% of capacity. The right ventricle was impacted by the heart attack also but overall Fr. Francis' heart is pumping at about 40% of total capacity. This is better, obviously, but he is still in critical condition. The doctor also raised concerns of possible circulatory problems.

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