Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Most Insightful Comment on Obama and Team Re: Notre Dame, Georgetown, etc.

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I would expect Fr. Jenkins now to be in damage control mode, because there are significant alumni contribuions at stake. That is not a personal indictment, merely part of his job.
As you point out Father, he doesn't seem yet to understand the magnitude of the scandal, or even that there really was a scandal.

I think Fr. Jenkins has been used and doesn't realize it, still talking about engaging the debate. Obama is long gone and I doubt now he would even take a call from Fr. Jenkins. Obama and/or his political team are very shrewd. They understand that if even a majority of Catholics were to vote according to Church teaching it would change the political landscape dramatically. So they set out on a program of seduction of high-profile Catholics and saw to it that Obama hit the major Catholic institutions with speeches, etc. Fr. Jenkins was only one on a list of people that were seduced and now has served his purpose. Obama does not want debate on abortion in the public square, but a debate(or better yet, a battle) in the Catholic Church about abortion is just fine.

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