Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Bill Clinton - "Fertilizing" Embryos

CNN Larry King - Stem Cells - Part 2 - March 11, 2009 - Bill Clinton

It is most startling to hear Bill Clinton repeat over and over the phrase “fertilize embryos” when he is clearly talking about fertilizing eggs. The difference is not simply semantic but ontological since in the case of eggs we are talking about the life of the mother as a part (and a most significant part), while in the case of embryos, we are talking about the life of a person who is the embryo. In the former, we are talking about contraception or in vitro fertilization; in the latter, we are talking about an already integrated and autonomous human being who is the consequence of fertilization and who is the subject of freedom and possessor of all human rights.

Embryonic stem cells would come from the destruction of embryos who are fully integrated human beings.They would have been "created" and "harvested" for the undifferentiated cells as body parts for use by others.

So as not to consider this nit-picking and exaggeration on my part, here's a link that works for the video:

Concept and link: Courtesy of William Orchard

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