Monday, March 23, 2009

FOCA (Freedom of Choice Act) by Stealth

The new president, pro-abortion leaders of congress and the abortion industry are joining forces to promote an aggressive and radical agenda -the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) – which would wipe out any laws protecting unborn babies and their mothers which have been passed by the federal government, state legislatures or local communities.

Because of populist opposition, Life Issues Institute, Inc presided over by John C.Willke, M.D. reported that there is an alternate plan which is even more dangerous. “Pro-abortion leaders in Congress will attach their piecemeal legislation as riders to must-pass appropriation bills. We will then have to oppose each entire bill unless the anti-life part is removed. Our goal is to alert as many Americans as possible, federal lawmakers and the media that FOCA is present every time that they propose legislation with parts of it embedded. This makes the entire bill unacceptable. Here are some of the key pieces of FOCA we can expect our pro-abortion” protagonists to hide inside the law:

  • Use the momentum behind universal healthy care to include funding for abortion-on-demand
  • Bring back partial-birth abortion
  • Take away any rights of parents to be involved before their minor daughter undergoes a surgical or chemical abortion
  • Deny full information to women about alternatives and danger of abortion
  • Force health care providers and professionals to participate in the killing of innocent human life. [Comment: Religious liberty and freedom of conscience have been building blocks of our society since its founding. We respect conscientious objection for those opposed to war, physicians opposed to taking part in capital punishment, and others who object to involvement in the taking of life. We can do no less in the context of abortion].
  • Kill babies who survive late-term abortion by reversing the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act.

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