Tuesday, July 22, 2008

From an American OBGYN

I had the privilege of spending two weeks recently in Rome!!!... I approached Zenit news about doing a story about my reason for going to Rome this time around… It is an interview with the developer of Naprotechnology( Dr. Tom Hilgers), which some of you have personal experience with, although most of you may just have read about or just heard mention of it….

I hope to have other interviews in the near future. One with a family doctor from Utah, a Mormon, who believes in the teachings of Pope Paul VI as he read in the encyclical Humanae Vitae. Another article will be about and Irish family doctor who has dedicated his whole medical practice in Ireland to helping woman and their husband achieve a pregnancy using the principles of Naprotechnology. He is so successful, even with couples that have undergone IVF and failed at this, that the IVF gurus in England and Ireland are telling people he practices "witchcraft". So far, 800 live births over 10 years of practice. Another story is of an American priest who after spending 8 years in Pakistan realized when he got back to the states that the greatest tragedy to Catholics is their widespread adoption of contraception and sterilization. He is now "retired" and does mission work in the USA and Canada spreading the GOOD NEWS of what the Church teaches about marriage, sex in marriage and how understanding the cycles of fertility and infertility binds and strengths couples in their love (Dr. Robert Conkling).

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