Monday, March 14, 2016

Who is God? - Rohr/Ratzinger/Barron

Who is this God? For both Jesus and Paul, God is an Infinite Flow--which we eventually call Trinity. God is much more a verb ["ising" as engendering, obeying, coinhering]  than a noun. All things exist inside of that Flow, come out from that Flow, and return to that Flow. Only for a while are we allowed to choose to act from within this Flow [Blogger: self-determination] consciously, freely, and happily; or alternatively, to resist it. The very nature of Being is communion, infinite generosity, and unhindered giving and receiving between three, which then becomes the template for the whole universe, from atoms to galaxies.

It's not that this Being we call God occasionally decides to love; love is the very nature and shape of God, who cannot not love! The Flow is always and forever in one positive direction [Blogger: toward other; away from self]. We ourselves are already participating in this love, this divine "dance" (perichoresis) of Being, even when we do not know how to enjoy it or consciously join in the dance. We are still dancing anyway. Divine Life knows and sustains us in our deepest being (Acts 17:28), even when we fail to say thank you. This is the humility and anonymity of God.

The surprising emphasis in Paul's work is not, therefore, on "saving" isolated individuals here and there, but much more on naming reality truthfully and completely. The individual is caught up in the corporate Flow, and in fact cannot know himself or herself outside of that one corporate Flow [Gaudium et spes #24: man finds himself by the sincere gift of himself]. We surrender to this shared heaven. We do not win it or attain it separately [Blogger: as God is not God except as three fluid constitutive Relations].

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