Friday, March 18, 2016

In Anticipation of the Pope's Remarks Tomorrow 3/19/16.

Consider what we are confronting tomorrow, the 18th. Pope Francis will publish his definitive remarks on Communion for the divorced-remarried. The logic of Christ's remarks on divorce: "that's not the way it was from the beginning," have logically impeded that the divorced-remarried be admitted to the Eucharist since they are living in a state of sin, even though they repent of the sin. However, because of responsibilities of children arising from the second union, they have an obligation in justice to remain in same.

   The pope initiates a year of mercy, and  will publish his remarks within it - now. The words of Christ to the woman caught in adultery and His parable of the prodigal son undermine the rectilinear logic of the absoluteness of sin by this surprising mercy of Christ's "neither will I condemn you, go and sin no more," and the almost aggressive mercy of the father of the sinful son and his pleading with the obedient son to share in his forgiveness.

Clearly, we are dealing with the mystery of the God of Jesus which His mercy is His justice, and His Love is Truth. We should not be surprised at this if we have confronted the ontological mystery of the Trinity in which the Persons of Father, Son and Spirit are not "substances" that "are-in-themselves" as individuals [which is the way we perceive all sensible reality], but relations of self-gift. That is, instead of being as we see them as "things-in themselves," they are constitutively "for others." How mystifying in a world that we take to be "the real" to find that the meaning of person is understood as "finding self by a sincere gift of self." To be is to be in relation. That is not how we perceive the created world of the senses on the surface. But, even there, it has been the deepest of physics [particle-wave] that has confronted and confounded us with the mysterious reality of particle and wave as resonating dimensions of what is really there - thus bypassing our logic that is  built on senses and concepts. Stay tuned!

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