Tuesday, December 08, 2015

What the Apostolate Looks Like

Morning chica, I am taking it easy today. Aaahhhh! Yes would love to start taking Leo to church ... He went to a catholic school in orlando so I liked that for him. He has always asked those questions and I think a faith is a lovely comfort for children as well as making them see how insignificant they are in the concept of the universe, space and time... An essential piece of knowledge for them to retain some essence of humility (that most people lack in these younger generations)

Too tired to write.... 😴. Im filled with joy that my little Leo will be raised Catholic. You made my day. Get ready Im all over it I can pick up drop off. Whatever.
Faith is a good thing for all of us - I try but I don't have much, it will come. I don't even pray much - I act. After having communion though I do experience God. With Fede we want to raise our kids real christians. No hypocrites. No judgers. Open to other religions.  Pope Francis line of thought - focus on action rather than doctrine. And as a priest tells me endlessly its all about : authenticity (being real) and the gift of self.
Not that I apply it ....but I aim for that.
Humility as you say - a must. A solid self esteem but humble.

Awww sweet! I can't believe I have lived here over a year and not taken my kids to church. Terrible. Ok - good to find my support with you. New year, new leaf! I am all about the action too. (Shocker!) don't want to hear about someone's faith, want to see them live it daily in their kindness.
Gnight amica, exhausted today. Taking lots of vitamin c as feeling sore throat coming on... 

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