Friday, December 25, 2015

Opus Dei, “Sulanitis” and Divine Mercy - Confirmation of the Divine Origen of Opus Dei

The Foundation of Opus Dei and Divine Mercy

“At different time, Fernando Valenciano and Rafael Caamagno both hear St. Josemaria Escriva relate a curious event. One day in 1929, he had received a rather strange letter. It was strange because it was written by a Salesian nun, from France, not known to him, who signed her name “Sulanitis.” She ws engaged in spreading devotion to the Merciful Love as Margaret Mary Alacoque had propagated devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It was also strange, because this nun could not even have known about the existence of Opus Dei, which at that time was only ‘what God wants,’ ‘what God is asking me,’ ‘God’s affair.’ The Work, which St. Josemaria had seen for the first time a few months earlier, had neither structure nor base, neither name nor address. Strangest of all, the letter said this: the final solution for the Work would come, exactly as God wished, but after much searching.
                When St. Josemaria spoke of this, he did not add any explanations. He only added the incontrovertible fact: ‘The letter is in our archives.’”[1]


[1] Pilar Urbano “The Man of Villa Tevere,” Scepter (2011) 70.

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