Sunday, August 07, 2011

Building a New World Order

Reading the obit today in the NYT (Sunday August 7, 2011, 18) on M.H. Rindskopf, youngest commander of an American fleet submarine during WWII, born in Jamaica, Queens (as myself) 9/27/17 (me: 6/26/35), I was moved. "On his first patrol as commander, the targets were two sampans - small, flat-bottomed wooden boats - that were being used as spy vessels off the islands of Palau. Using a torpedo would have been overkill, so they were sunk by gunfire.

"'There were two survivors swimming in the ocean and rather than kill them, which he was authorized to do, he took them on board and put them to work in the kitchen,' the admiral's grand-daughter said. 'He said they ended up becoming very good cooks.'"

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