Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bishop DiMarzio on Mandated Sex Education - Rebel!

NYT Thursday, August 11, 2011, A18

"The sex-eductation curriculum - packages of lesson plans titled Health Smart and Reducing the Risk - describes abstinence as the best method to avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. It includes lessons on how to use a condom and discussions about the appropriate age for sexual activity... The city will now require that all students take a semester of sex education in middel school. For schools that do not have a program in place, the city will recommend that its progoram be taught...

"Nicholas A. Di Marzio, the bishop of Brooklyn, said he planned to work with Catholic parents across the city to 'assert their parent rights on this issue'...

"But as parents and members of community groups and religious organizations began to digest news about the new sex-educton program on Wednesday, there were few other objections."

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