Monday, June 06, 2011

Update on Tom Mahala, Jr.

Thomas had a 2nd angiogram this morning. He is out of surgery and stable.The vascular neurosurgen attacked the posterior of his AVM and cut off(embolize) approximately 25% of the blood flow in the AVM. That is about what they hoped for in the phasing out of this AVM. So the procedure was successful. Thomas is stable, breathing on his own, knows his name, raises his hands, squeezes fingers and toes etc...for this we are so thankful! The next 24 to 72 hours are very important! They will be monitoring any bleeding or clotting that could cause a stroke. We're not out of this deepforest yet, but a long pathway is developing and some light is beginning to shine upon it. I can't begin to explain and describe the fear and helplessness that envelopes us. But I can tell you that your prayers and good wishes are our lifeline!.. please keep them coming.

We are forever grateful! Thank you! All the best, Tom and Bonnie

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