Monday, June 06, 2011

Monday Update on Tom Mahala, Jr.

Thomas had his 2nd angiogram this morning to begin treating the AVM. They were able to embolize approx 25- 30% of it. The next 24 hours are critical, and he will be monitored closely for his recovery from today's procedure. Once Thomas is stable, hopefully later this week, they may attempt to remove the catheter which has been in his skull since he was admitted last Thursday. The catheter continues to drain the residual blood from the original rupture. No decisions on next steps have to be made right now. Possibilities are more embolizations to reduce the size of the AVM and follow that up with radiation (stereotactic radiosurgery aka Cyberknife which might take an extended time, months or years). What we have learned is that an AVM must be fully eradicated because it recruits other cells from the brain and it will grow. We are going to send the films to other neurosurgeons for their input/opinions on the course of treatment. As we have found this neuroscience field is an interesting one and no 2 of these are alike. As is the case with any brain bleeds, Thomas will be here for at least 2 weeks. It will be a long haul and we are headed down a different road from the one we started on last Thursday. We seek Christ’s light to show us the way. We are forever thankful for your prayers and we ask that you please continue.

God bless you!

With prayers and affection,Tom and Bonnie

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