Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Wisdom of Mimi Silbert

"If you’re going to become good at something, you have to take the kinds of risks that mean you’ll fail because you won’t know what you’re doing . . . that’s what a risk means, by definition.

“So you have to practice . . . with everybody watching. And then you eventually become good at  it . . . and you no longer have to look good because then you are good enough to say, ‘Oh, I made a mistake.’ You need to get rid of this false pride that says, you know, everything we do we have to succeed in right away. You have to have real confidence to say, ‘Oh, sorry. My mistake. I screwed that up. How can I fix it?’ Because if you believe you are a mistake, which is what our people believe about who they are, then you have to defend everything you do . . . ”

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