Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Meaning of “Communication” For Francis

“Msgr. Vigano said the Pope gives ‘no strategic importance” to communication, but sees it as important in the sense of creating communion with others through ‘being attentive to the person.’
                The Italian priest recalled how, when getting ready to give a video message, the Pope greets every person involved in the production. ‘This is a way of being close to the people, of being in communion with the person. These are performative acts of communication,’ he said.
                The Pope, he added, ‘continually returns to the essentials, not baroquisms,’ and ‘from this point of view, one is also able to listen.’ By stressing he is a sinner like everyone else, people can identify with him, sense his solidarity with them and be bearers of hope and charity like him, Msgr. Vigano said.
                Also important are the Pope’s gestures, he continued, adding that this body ‘speaks much; it’s a body that writes history; it’s a body like Jeremiah in the Bible.’ The Pope gave ‘many important speeches’ in Kenya, Uganda and Central African Republic, ‘but the important thing was his presence, ‘ he said, especially in war torn Central African Republic.

                ‘A religious sister from Bangui wrote to me saying: ‘It’s an extraordinary thing: For the first time, you see Muslims entering places they hadn’t entered before, without weapons: Muslims who give lifts to Christians in motorcycle taxis; Christians who give lifts to Muslims, and it is an extraordinary thing! There is a contagion of the fact that there is a possibility of hope and peace, which until then had gone.’

 – From NCR(egister)

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