Monday, November 09, 2015

Americans Too Fat to Fight - From Mercatornet

The point: "Too Fat" to fight themselves! And this comes from affirmation in the family.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is a controversial figure in Western media because of his hard line on immigration. However, he dares to speak truths that make other politicians run for cover. One of these is the family. Shannon Roberts reports today on Orban's views on the rapid ageing of Europe.

Even though Europe was “the most ageing continent”, families are not sufficiently in the focus of European policies because that subject is “not PC”, Orbán said.  “We want to restore families to the focus of European politics,” Orbán said, warning that “Europe’s civilisation and culture are at stake”. 

This sounds like scaremongering, but the United States is facing a similar problem. It turns out that 75 percent of American youth would be rejected by the US military, for reasons ranging from tattoos to ADHD. But the main reason is obesity: Americans are too fat to fight. And why are they obese? Probably because of an unsettled family life. Is anyone talking about this? No. America also needs to restore families to the focus of its politics. 

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