Thursday, October 29, 2015

Pope Francis: On the Plane Back to Rome from the United States

Question: “The  question was on the notion of Catholic divorce, if the motu proprio has closed the debate e before the synod on the theme?

“This document , this ‘Motu Proprio’ [on speeding up the annulment process] facilitates the process and the timing, but it is not divorce because marriage is indissoluble when it is a sacrament. And this the Church cannot change. It’s doctrine. It’s an indissoluble sacrament”…  Another problem: the affective maturity for a marriage. Another problem: faith. ‘Do I believe that this is forever? Yes, yes, yes. I believe.’ ‘But do you believe it? The preparation for a wedding: I think so often that to become a priest there ‘s a preparation for 8 years, and then, it’s not definite, the Church can take the clerical state away from you. But, for something lifelong, they do four courses!  Four times… Something isn’t right. It’s something the Synod has to deal with: how to do preparation for marriage. It’s one of the most difficult things.”[1]

[1] “Inside the Vatican,” October 2015, 47.

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