Thursday, August 06, 2015


You asked about Grace. Her last day of summer school is today. She rides a little yellow school bus and loves her friends and teacher. We went through an alphabet book last night in bed. We got to "D" and her face lit up excitedly - "D is for Daddy!" she exclaimed. K is for Kevin, T is for Thomas but the D was new and her enthusiasm reminded me of Martha Beck's book, Expecting Adam when she describes Adam's "E is for Wizbef" [Elizabeth] as "an intelligence powered by love".  She is certainly the only child demanding morning hugs and kisses from her brothers each day. Jean Vanier sent this post on Monday as a daily meditation:

People with intellectual disabilities are constant reminders of the value of the heart in a society that tends to exalt competence and efficiency and forget love. The cry for community from people with intellectual disability constantly reminds us that we all need community. While it is true that people with disabilities are called to develop and grow towards greater autonomy, they need above all a whole network of friendships and a community that gives them security and a sense of belonging, awakens each one's gifts, encourages growth, and develops love and a sense of service.

Jean Vanier, An Ark for the Poor, p.60

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