Tuesday, June 30, 2015

From Dr. Robert Hall (Psychiatrist),Trombonist (Julliard) On the Occasion of My 80 Birthday

Dear Fr. Bob
   A most Happy 80th Birthday to you! May you have many more years of good health and holy ministry in Our Lord's service as you 'blow the trumpet' of his Word.

   I think you will find the book "Temperament" (Stuart Isacoff) interesting. There are close connections between the related fields of theology, philosophy, and music, but this book tries to examine what is perhaps the most easily enjoyed and least understood of  the 3; i.e. the art of music, examining what is actually made of (seemingly nothing) and how it is constructed. In the end, theology and philosophy will fall away, but the Angels will still sing, "Holy, Holy, Holy." I hope someday to join the orchestra which accompanies them... and to look sideways and spy you in the trumpet section.

 Gratefully, Bob Hall.

Me: Thank you, Bob. I hope to keep my lip up.

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