Tuesday, April 21, 2015

From “Inside the Vatican:” Remarks of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick on Pope Francis, Church doctrine and divorce and remarriage in particular.

On March 19 in New York, Cardinal McCarrick said: “This Holy Father has been and will be faithful in the doctrine and teaching of the Church. He says it clearly… He’s not an obfuscator. He tells it like it is, because he wants people to hear it as it truly is.”

                Inside  the Vatican (Editorial: April 2015): "In his homily at one of the first Masses of his papacy, Francis said God never gets tired of forgiving us,but we sometimes get tired of asking him, McCarrick said. The cardinal predicted Pope Francis will address the issue of broken marriges by coaxing canon lawyers 'to develop better systems so we understand how the mercy of God can reach into circumstances that we dln't always understand, he said. I believe that so many marriages that were rightly and correctly celebrated are not valid, because people really don’t understand that this is forever,  with this one person, and in the hope of bringing children into the world.”[1]

[1] “Inside the Vatican” april 2015, Editorial by Robert Moynihan.

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