Tuesday, June 03, 2014

The Good Samaritan and the Innkeeper

"Poverty is a problem caused by humanity, and so it is a problem that humanity must fix, not you alone” – Mother Teresa to Carlos Padula

   Therefore, the good samaritan and the innkeeper - 

D. Alvaro on The Good Samaritan:

“Let us meditate also on how the parable ends. To look after the wounded man the Samaritan enlisted the help of the Innkeeper. How could he have managed without him? Our Father admired this man, the owner of the inn:  he passed unnoticed, yet he did most of the work, acting in his professional capacity. Looking at what he did you will understand, firstly, that by carrying  out your work  you can all do as well as he did, because every occupation offers many opportunities to help the needy, either directly or indirectly. This is certainly true of the work of a doctor, a lawyer , or a businessman who does not close his eyes to people’s mater ial needs. Even though the law may not oblige him, he knows he is under an obligation in justice in charity. But office workers, tradesmen or farmers also have many opportunities to serve others – at times, perhaps, in spite of great  personal hardship. Don’t forget, as I have said before, that to carry out our ordinary work faithfully, is itself to practice the virtue of charity towards individuals and towards society at large….

            My daughters and sons, I have reminded you that the sanctification of our work, with the variety of aspects shown by the Good Samaritan and the innkeeper, is the great means available to us to extend the kingdom of Christ and to fulfill this demand of his kingly mission – attending to persons in need – which the Holy Father refers to so often, in an attempt to awaken the sleepy consciences of many Christians…” (Letter,  Bl. Alvaro del Portillo, January 9, 1993).

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