Monday, October 03, 2011

The Foundation of Opus Dei - October 2, 1928

From “Uncommon Faith”

J. Coverdale

“A private note taken by Escriva in 1930 records, in almost telegraphic fashion, a weries of ideas that may summarize the content of his October 2 vision: ‘Plain Catholics. The mass of dough being leavened and rising. Our thing is what is ordinary, with naturalness. The means: professional work. Everyone a saint!’ A French author, Francois Gondrand, has given us a poetic versions of the same idea:

Thousands – millions – of souls, covering the whole face of the earth, raise their prayers to God. Generation upon generation of Christians, submerged in all the world’s activities, offer God their work and the thousand-and-one concerns of their daily lives. Hour after hour of hard, conscientious work: an offering that rises up like precious incense from the four corners of the globe…. A multitude of people, rich and poor, young and old, from every country and of every race…. Millions and millions of souls spread out in time and space, covering the whole surface of the earth with their invisible influx…. Thousands – millions – of souls, like an unending peal of bells echoing toward heaven, the chimes mangling as they echo up and up.

"We don’t know whether Escriva’s vision was more like his terse 1930 note or like Gondrand’s lyrical rendition or quite different from either of them. When Escriva spoke or wrote in later years about the events of October 2, 1928, the references were invariably brief and sketchy. They often cam down to the laconic statement: ‘I saw Opus Dei.’”

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