Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Eschatology of the Last Things

The Eschatology of the Last Things – “Entirely a Doctrine of Salvation”[1]

“God is the ‘last thing’ of the creature. Gained, he is heaven, lost, he is hell; examining, he is judgment; purifying, he is purgatory. He it is to whom finite being dies, and through whom it rises to him, in him. This he is, however, as he presents himself to the world, that is, in his Son, Jesus Christ, who is the revelation of God and, therefore, the whole essence of the last things. In this way, eschatology is, almost more even than any other locus theologicus, entirely a doctrine of salvation. This is, as we shall see, absolutely central.”

[1] H. U. Von Balthasar, “Explorations in Theology” 1. The Word Made Flesh, 260.

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