Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Women's Golf and Anthropology

Never missing an opportunity to advertise the product, the New York Times this a.m. (July6, 2010 B10-13) offered the tools of a reductive anthropology for women on the golf tour. In the first article of a series, Karen Crouse wrote:

“For Kerr (Christie), the impediment to motherhood is golf, and there is no automatic relief. A woman’s athletic prime and her peak child-bearing years overlap like a total eclipse of the moon. A woman’s fertility peaks in her mid-20s and declines sharply after the age of 35, a real conundrum for golfers, whose games, like the courses they play, take years to mature” (B 10).

On cue, Crouse center-stages the exaltation of the self and offers the tools of the trade: “surrogacy, adoption, freezing eggs, assisted reproduction techniques and the side effects of hormone injections” (B 13). It makes “Brave New World” look so tame and passé.

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